Super-ingredients harnessing the power of upcycled brewer’s yeast.

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What we do

We take leftover yeast and transform it into a naturally complete super-flour*. By removing the bitterness, we’ve unlocked the potential of brewer's yeast to be used as a delicious and nutritious food ingredient.

*Not an extract, isolate, concentrate. Just plain and simple (super) yeast.

a super flour with an
Onima's improved sensory experienceOnima's Improved sensory experience
a super flour with an
Onima's improved responsability & commitmentOnima's improved responsability & Commitment
a super flour with an
Onima's improved nutritional qualityOnima's improved nutritional quality
From waste
to wonder
How to use it


Our super wonder yeast has the potential to enhance the organoleptic and nutritional profile of a wide range of recipes and applications.


Meat Alternatives

We bring a delicious umami taste to your meat alternatives while offering a natural way to improve texture and bite.

Cooked Plant based Meat Balls

Sports Nutrition

A vegan and clean label high-quality protein, that comes along with fibers and micro-nutrients.

HIgh Protein Bars

Biscuits & Snacking

Our super ingredient can bring the nutritional enhancement you might be looking for, without compromising on taste.

Plant Based Crackers & Snacks


An upcycled deactivated yeast that can serve as a texturizing baking agent as well as a nutritional and tasty flour.

High Pro bread

Specialized and clinical nutrition

Food should be a pleasure throughout all ages and conditions. We help you develop the best applications with our nutritionally complete upcycled yeast.

Specialized high pro food
Onima (Ex Yeasty) Green and Yellow Texture

More than 95% of alternative protein ingredients come from soy, pea and wheat.
It's time to bring a new ingredient at the center of our plate : upcycled yeast protein

At Onima, we believe that taste, health and nutrition should be for everyone. And the more people can benefit from our product, the greater the impact!

We aim for competitive prices through scalable industrial processes and a globally available raw material. Beer is everywhere!

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